Building Better by Creating Community

Our Story

Founded in 2020, we are proud to be a self-funded, profitable, and fully distributed company on a mission to help SMEs win public sector tenders in the UK through connections and technology.

Founded by Dave Thomson, the former Head of Development at Proactis for over 13 years, Dave decided to take the jump and try to turn the industry upside down by using technology instead of people to develop a tender alert service that learns the more you use it.

A serial entrepreneur, Dave founded The Hub South Shore in Canada, which was a co-working space where self employed and business professionals could network and meet like minded people. Using his experience of building communities Dave joined forces with Andy Groat, Mo Devereaux and Bill Kowalski to bootstrap The TenderHood out of The Barn coffee shop in beautiful Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Our Mission

To build a Supplier-centric community through a single, simple, integrated site that provides the tools a diverse community of users need to connect and win business in the public procurement sector in the UK.

In other words, we are going to build the best tender alert service in the UK so that suppliers no longer need to sign up for multiple services out of fear of missing out. We want to save SMEs time and money by using technology to develop a tool that truly provides SMEs with tenders they can realistically win.

Our Team

Dave Thomson

Dave Thomson Founder of The TenderHood

Founder / CEO

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Andy Groat

Andy Groat Chief Technical Offer of The TenderHood


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Mo Devereaux

Mo Devereaux Head of Strategy at The TenderHood

Head of Strategy

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Bill Kowalski

Bill Kowalski Head Of Data at The TenderHood

Head of Data

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Our Values

We have four core values that guide our actions and culture in The TenderHood. Here are the not-so-secret ingredients that help us make magic happen.


Everything we do is simple. We are not trying to build every tool in procurement, we just want to build the best tender alert service and a thriving community. Our payment structure is simple, we only have one plan and our tools are simple to use.


We have absolutely nothing to hide, no hidden costs, no gotchas. Our mission is clear and we want like minded companies to help us turn our shared passion into a real goal that ultimately helps SMEs (like us) win more public sector tenders.

No Limits

We don’t believe in putting barricades in the way to success, there are enough of those in public procurement already. We will always offer a no limits solution for our customers, from unlimited users and profiles, to a simple flexible pricing model.


We have absolutely no fear of taking on the big boys. Like our customers we are an SME using technology to punch above our weight looking to win in the public sector, and to do that you have to be willing to roll your sleeves up and get in the fight. We have your back!

Our Culture

Our culture at The TenderHood is simple (value one), we don’t work with d**ks. Our team is made up of smart people who respect one another and support each other no matter what, we will always put people first.

Our company has 4 partners who all have skin in the game and a huge drive to succeed. We are all smart but at the core we are good people.

We are no different with our customers, we love working with good honest people who want to make a difference. We will do everything we can to support you winning new business, but in return we expect you to turn up and be the best version of yourself.

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